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Samples of my storyboarding work from episodes that have aired.

Storyboarding Demo Reel

A side-by-side comparison of my boarding work to the finished animation for various projects I have worked on for various studios.

Clone High Storyboards

A selection of storyboard animatics from my work on "Clone High"

"Puzzles" Animatic

A snippet from Ted Leo and Aimee Mann ’s “The Art of Process” podcast that I thought would be fitting and a fun character acting exercise with the Steven Universe characters they voice, Steg and Opal respectively.

"Ornithia" Beat Boards

Watercolor beat board panels to demonstrate potential plot elements in my "Ornithia" project.

Watercolor Storyboard Comics

Storyboard-styled comics I've made in my own time for fun using watercolors.

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